How to enter the competition

Step 1: Select your category

You can enter as many projects as you wish in the 11 categories, and one entry can be in more than one category as long as it meets all the eligibility requirements and separate entries are submitted.

Step 2 : Pre-entry form

Pick your category and fill out the pre-entry form . It's free of charge and takes a minute only to complete.

You can submit one same project in different categories but you must fill out separate pre-entry forms.

You will receive an email confirming the eligibility of your entry(ies) and detrails for the next step of the competition.

Deadline: Friday 30 October 2020. 

Step 3: Final entry form and entry fee

If you are pre-selected, you will be asked to fill out the final entry form and submit the required materials (photos, maps, video...) along with a signed contract and the payment of the entry fee: USD 560 per entry.

Please note that if you enter one project in several categories, it is considered as multiple entries. 

Final entry and payment deadline: Monday 2 November 2020.

Step 4: Jury meeting

The jury, comprised of high-profile real estate experts will meet in November 2020 to shortlist three winners in each category.

If the jury thinks a project is not in the right category, it has the right to move the entry to a more appropriate category and judge it in the new category.

At the end of the meeting, the jury will also select the winner of the Special Jury Award, the jury's personal favourite.

If you are part of the lucky winners, your initial contract will be valid for your winner contract and you will automatically be invoiced for the complementary fee for winners of USD 1,500.

Step 5: Vote for the winners' ranking

All 33 winners will be submitted to an online vote late November.

The MIPIM Asia community will be invited to vote for their favourite project in each category.

This vote (representing 1/3 of the final results) combined with the jury's vote (representing 2/3), will determine the winners' ranking: Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Step 6: Awards Ceremony

The ranked winners as well as the Special Jury Award will be revealed on Tuesday 15 December, 2020 at the Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong.