Step 1: Pre-entry form

Want to win a MIPIM Asia Award?

Fill out the pre-entry form below first, it is free of charge and takes a few minutes only.

This first step allows us to make sure that your project is in the right category and eligible for the next step of the competition which is the final entry form along with the entry fee.

Please note that if you wish to enter one project in several categories, you must fill out separate pre-entry forms.

Don't wait until the last minute, the sooner you complete your pre-entry form, the more time you will have to prepare your final entry form if you are eligible.

Pre-entry deadline: 6 July 2022

Learn more about the MIPIM Asia Awards in How to enter the competition and the Competition rules.

Any trouble with the pre-entry form? Please contact us at

If you wish to enter the same project in another category, please fill out a new pre-entry form.


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